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Current World Archaeology travels to: Erbil Citadel – The World’s Longest Living Town

Today, you will only get a view of Erbil Citadel ‘some four miles away’ from the window of a plane: there is a building boom going on in the modern city that surrounds the ancient settlement. Even so, the sight … Continue reading

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Returning to build a new Kurdistan

The 1980s saw much of Iraq’s Kurdish population flee the country in an attempt to escape Saddam Hussein’s genocidal campaign. Today, Kurdistan’s relative stability has seen a wave of young Kurds return to their homeland to help rebuild the scarred … Continue reading

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Polite soldiers and Lebanese investment: Erbil is Middle East capital of tourism

In May, the northern city of Erbil was declared Tourism Capital for the Middle East region for 2014. As Lebanese and Turkish investors compete to spend money there, various obstacles include too-high prices, non-Arabic-speaking border guards, uneven urban development and … Continue reading

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Soran Increased Tourism, not Enough Hotels

During the summer tourists flock to various locations around the world as the weather heats up and a city in Iraqi Kurdistan known as Soran, is attracting thousands of tourist. The luscious mountains and river crossings that dot Soran landscape … Continue reading

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