Statement on Security Situation – Sep 2014

Kurdistan Adventures wishes to make an updated statement regarding the current security situation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

As per our previous statements, it is again important to recognise that the Kurdistan Region has continued to maintain its territorial integrity since the insurgency in Federal Iraq commenced in May 2014. More recently the Kurdish Security Forces – mainly the Peshmerger and supported by U.S. air strikes have retaken the predominantly Kurdish towns and villages to the south of the Kurdistan border and pushed the insurgents further south into Federal Iraq. This has allowed most residents who fled their homes to return to these areas now that they are back under Kurdish Peshmerger control.

Kurdistan Adventures welcomes recent U.S. Government statements that they intend on continued support to the Iraqi Government particularly the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) by providing military advisors, supplies and ongoing air strikes against the insurgents in Federal Iraq. This will further reinforce the already excellent security provided by the KRG and thus ensuring that Kurdistan remains a peaceful, stable and prosperous region for all to enjoy.

Subsequently, the U.K. FCO travel advice for Iraq was recently downgraded from advising against all travel to Erbil to allowing essential travel to Erbil and the rest of Kurdistan. This is clearly in recognition that the recent threat to the region has been lifted and business is as normal.

Kurdistan Adventures has been able to operate small group tours safely for nearly five years and in turn share the wonderful region of Kurdistan with people from all around the world. Furthermore, we remain confident of being able to do so into the future.

Kurdistan Adventures will continue to monitor the situation and will communicate any updates as needed. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.

Source: Kurdistan Adventures

An Australian/Kurdish joint venture since 2009, Kurdistan Adventures combines local knowledge with Western tour operating management. We pride ourselves on immersing our small groups of travelers in Iraqi Kurdistan culture with safety, security and professionalism. Our 8 day escorted tour includes the 3 major cities of Dohuk, Erbil and Sulymaniyah. A dedicated local guide will take you to key historical sites, explain local customs, dine with you in traditional restaurants and allow you to experience this amazing culture. Citizens of many countries including Australia, New Zealand, the EU, Canada, the UK and the USA are granted a free visa on arrival.

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