ISO certificate given to the Tourism Board

The international certificate of administration of ISO by Sayi Global organization was awarded to the General Tourism Board of Kurdistan. The award has already improved the quality of the activities of the Organization.

Nadir Rosty, spokesman of the Tourism Board of the Region, told “Hewler” newspaper that during a ceremony held in the Hall of Directory of Human Developments that is subordinated under the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism the award was given to the Tourism Organization.

According to Rosty, the certificate has been achieved by the hard work of the Tourism Board.

This kind of certificate is not easily given to boards or firms.

The company has to go through many stages; whether it is a public or private board; it needs to have some characteristics that is required from these organizations.

Arranging administration systems, minimizing management routines, executing the people’s work effectively, documenting all operations and keeping insufficiency to a minimum are the requirements that the boards need to meet.

Rosty said that after these requirements are met, the delegate of ISO international organization visits the board or the firm and examines all the places and later raises a memorandum for their organization.

If all the requirements are met in accordance with the international standards, then the ISO sends their delegate to the board to hold a certification ceremony.

The spokesman of the Board of Tourism regards the certificate as significant and believes it is going to be the reason for the Board to care more for the quality of their services.

In addition, the work is going to be divided better and the employees will know what their tasks are and whom they need to report to. Another impact of this certificate is that the jobs will be based on skills and qualifications of the employees.

The International Organization for Standardization is an international organization for standardization whose goal is to set the same qualifications and requirements to see the products and service in the same way globally.

9001 ISO is a special general measuring instrument just to set a global system that manages qualitative evaluation for all activities and operations in a public and private sector.

Mr. Rosty explained that at the moment they are busy making the Board’s internal daily routines electronic.

He emphasized on the fact that the Kurdish Region’s situation was the reason for not being able to be effective to the extent needed.

However, this certificate will create a more solid base to start working in a more modern way in the future for the tourists in Kurdistan.


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